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Très Chocolat Granola

Refill £1.90 per 100g
Bag £6.50 (300g)

An indulgent cocoa-flavoured wholegrain blend of oats, buckwheat and omega-rich seeds, sweetened with vanilla-infused maple syrup and dotted with indulgent hits of dark chocolate, coconut flakes and sea salt. Vegan.

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Carrot Halwa granola cashew pistachio sultanas oats buckwheat indian desi dessert

Carrot Halwa Granola

Refill £2.10 per 100g
Bag £6.80 (300g)

A delicate blend of cardamom and fresh ginger on our signature granola base of oats and buckwheat. Pistachios, cashew nuts and sultanas round off this indulgent treat, making for a special breakfast or pick-me-up, any time of day. Vegan.

Alpine Muesli

Refill £1.40 per 100g

Bag £4.70 (300g)

Drawing on its Swiss origins around 1900, our alpine muesli contains omega-rich seeds, almonds and sultanas. It can be enjoyed straight up with yogurt or milk, or soaked overnight. Vegan.


Almond Cinnamon Crunch Granola

Refill £1.90 per 100g
Bag £6.50 (300g)

Our signature base of organic oats and buckwheat, topped with crispy wholegrain spelt flakes, a blend of omega-rich seeds and almonds. Sweetened with vanilla-infused maple syrup and balanced out with Himalayan salt. Vegan.

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Our Story

I started engrained in the middle of 2020, a year which brought the world to a halt.

As we navigated the uncertainties of the first lockdown here in the UK, and were made more aware of what we touched, ate, consumed, and wasted on a daily basis, baking granola became my way of trying to gain some level of control over our lives, whilst everything around us seemed so far out of it.


My aim was to ensure that my family - and particularly my children - had a quick, nourishing, and tasty cereal for breakfast or snack time. I tested my recipes until I felt they were right, then tweaked them again following feedback from friends and family. It isn't enough that my granolas are tasty and nourishing, I want them to elevate the moment in which you're enjoying them - balancing flavours between sweetness and saltiness, as well as infusing them with exotic spices - a reflection of my mixed, Swiss and Indian heritage.

Sustainability is central to my business and I supply customers, as well as zero waste shops with refills. Online orders are packed in compostable bags and all our packing materials are either recycled or recyclable.

I offer free delivery to customers within my local area (SE4 and surroundings) and refills are available from my workshop on appointment.


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